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Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts A Book Review

 by Brian Risman, Publisher and Founder, The Law Journal UK


Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts (3rd edition) by Anderson and Warner is a comprehensive guide for legal practitioners seeking the latest standards and style in contract creation.


Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts   (3rd edition), is an excellent work which allows the legal practitioner to not only keep up with current standards and techniques in contract creation -- including issues involving consumer contracts -- but also recognises the evolution of legal work into its modern online form. Technological issues are considered, as well as providing references regarding online tools and checking electronically transmitted legal documentation.  An entire chapter is devoted to drafting, exchanging and protecting documents electronically. Issues such as dealing with metadata (for example comments) left in a contract are considered.


This work is very realistic, considering lawyers face heavy demands on their time. For example, in the chapter on Techniques for checking contracts before signing, there is a section on the 'top ten essential things to do when you are right up against a deadline'. Every lawyer has experienced that situation; hence such guidance is invaluable.


There is also a very good chapter on legal terms used in contracts, identifying and clearly explaining each standard term. Plus, the book looks at antiquated legal terms, giving their modern representation.


This book also looks at how courts interpret contracts, with a focus on issues the drafter or negotiator of the contract should consider.


This work is an essential tool for contract drafters, negotiators, and indeed anyone who is involved in the preparation of contracts. While covering the mechanics of drafting contracts, it also deals with modern issues of technology and time constraints in preparation and reviedw.


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Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts  is published by Bloomsbury Professional. Please note that The Law Journal UK takes no responsibility for the contents of this book, or works by other authors.


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