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Environmental Impact Assessment A Book Review

 by Brian Risman, Publisher and Founder, The Law Journal UK


Environmental Impact Assessment (Second Edition)  is a comprehensive, essential resource for those of legal and other backgrounds who are involved in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) activities.


Environmental Impact Assessment  (Second Edition), by Stephen Tromans QC, is a very detailed legal text aimed at legal practitioners involved in this area of law. Environmental Impact Assessment is a challenging area of law, given it spans many of the disciplines in the legal arena. This work addresses this wide topic, starting with a strong base in EU law and directives that govern Environmental Impact Assessment issues. It is especially effective in bringing readers of different backgrounds up to the same level of comprehension.


The book contains strong sections on determining whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required for a specific project -- a procedure called 'screening'. Not only the process of screening is covered, but also good practices in screening projects. Production of Environmental Statements is subsequently covered. Procedural issues in determining 'normal' planning applications and appeals as well those requiring special consideration are considered later in the book. The EU Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is heavily covered, which aims to catch strategic plans and programmes likely to have significant environmental effects. Challenges to Environmental Impact Assessments are subsequently considered in detail, including looking at the difference between judicial review and statutory appeal. Finally, the Appendices contain the full text of the legislation and directives involved in this area of law.



This book comes with a strong recommendation to treat this book as a comprehensive resource for any involvement in the Environmental Impact Assessment area of legal affairs.


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Environmental Impact Assessment (Second Edition) is published by Bloomsbury Professional. Please note that The Law Journal UK takes no responsibility for the contents of this book, or works by other authors.


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