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Insurance Claims A Book Review

 by Brian Risman, Publisher and Founder, The Law Journal UK


The third edition of Insurance Claims is an excellent guide for those of legal and other backgrounds who are involved or even interested in the insurance world.


The third edition of Insurance Claims is a highly detailed, yet eminently readable, discussion and explanation of the insurance world. It is of great value to legal practitioners and students, giving the legal aspects as well as providing a deep understanding of how insurance law interacts with the principles of tort, contract, and other areas of law. As well, issues of different (or conflicting) terminology are covered.


Even non-lawyers would find this book of value. Those who work in the insurance industry, as well as even lay people interacting with the industry via their policies, would find this book quite informative and readable. It explains the meaning of terms and concepts in plain English, allowing all of us access to this somewhat esoteric world. I would recommend this book to any interested reader.


The book starts, appropriately enough, with a chapter called "The Basics". The position of the Claimant is then covered, followed by the nature of the insurance contract. Issues of loss -- what it is, and what it means -- are then covered in several chapters. Issues of proof and measurement, and presentation and handling of claims are discussed.


More technical issues on a legal end are also covered. There are very good chapters on litigation and the alternatives to litigation. Insurer's potential defences are covered. As is the concept of subrogation, where once the insurer has fully indemnified the insured, that insurer is entitled to bring a recovery action in the name of the insured.


More complicated issues such as Double Insurance and Reinsurance are covered, as is Conflict of Laws and claims against insurance brokers. Finally, specific types of insurance are covered, such as business interruption.


As noted above, a strong point of the book is that it can be utilised by readers at different levels. The reader can select a chapter of interest, and find a self-contained discussion that is quite informative and understandable.


I would suggest that this book be essential reading for legal practitioners, given insurance issues affect all of us. It should be required reading for insurance industry personnel. And, as noted, even lay people purchasing or holding a policy would find this book of great value.


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The third edition of Insurance Claims is published by Bloomsbury Professional. Please note that The Law Journal UK takes no responsibility for the contents of this book, or works by other authors.


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Brian Risman


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