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Office Health and Safety Handbook A Book Review

 by Brian Risman, Publisher and Founder, The Law Journal UK


The Office Health and Safety Handbook , edited by Appleby and Smail, is a detailed step-by-step guide for those of legal and other backgrounds who are involved in issues of office health and safety.


The Office Health and Safety Handbook (4th edition), is a concise step by step guide to issues involving office health and safety.


This book is largely structured by topic in a checklist form, allowing readers of different backgrounds to fully consider the issues faced by firms. This checklist format is a great assist for the reader, allowing them to understand the scope of the issues, and most importantly not miss out on key issues that need to be considered.


Issues involving legislation, regulations and court decisions in this area are also considered. The book is comprehensive in examining issues involving the physical premises, fire, potential injury -- but goes much further. Modern concerns such as harassment and bullying in the workplace are also discussed. An entire chapter is also devoted to work-related stress. Working from the home is also considered -- yes, there can be liability for firms with their workers engaging in office business from their home. Other issues considered include work-related safety and road risk involving, for example, tired workers. Ergonomic issues involving computer equipment are also discussed.


The handbook also looks at the mechanics involved in setting up a 'health and safety' office in the organisation.


This book is strongly recommended, given the relevance and cost of the issues involved. Office Health and Safety is an issue that, if not dealt with in a careful manner, can result in the organisation facing costly prosecutions. This handbook allows organisations to closely consider their options in this area.


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The Office Health and Safety Handbook is published by Bloomsbury Professional. Please note that The Law Journal UK takes no responsibility for the contents of this book, or works by other authors.


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