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Privacy and Libel Law A Book Review

 by Brian Risman, Publisher and Founder, The Law Journal UK


The Privacy and Libel Law: The Clash with Press Freedom  is an opinion piece that discusses issues regarding the limits of disseminating information and opinions in our society today. Whatever your opinion on the issues, this book is a valuable contribution to this ongoing debate.


The Privacy and Libel Law: The Clash with Press Freedom , by Paul Tweed, looks at the development and current status of privacy and libel law in both the UK and the US. The book focuses on current cases, drawing comparisons on the approaches to press freedom from both sides of the Atlantic.


The Privacy and Libel Law: The Clash with Press Freedom is a good supplementary work for students, in that it gives real life issues for students to consider. It would also be of considerable interest to practitioners. For example, cultural and historical differences between the UK and the US are covered, showing that society and traditions are interlinked with the legal system. How a particular situation is viewed in the UK can be radically different from the US perception. While Mr. Tweed takes a UK-oriented stance on the topics, he does acknowledge that a US observer could draw different conclusions.


Given that this opinion piece gives a good background on the law and cases involved in the highly charged issue of press freedom, and ties the topic to the cultural and political differences between the UK and US, students will find that this book gives an interesting perspective that will be of value in their studies. Practitioners will also find this book of value, generating further debate on the issues.


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The Privacy and Libel Law: The Clash with Press Freedom  is published by Bloomsbury Professional. Please note that The Law Journal UK takes no responsibility for the contents of this book, or works by other authors.


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