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From University College London:
Towards a New Constitutional Settlement:
An Agenda for Gordon Brown’s First 100 Days and Beyond
by Robert Hazell

Gordon Brown has signalled his strong commitment to constitutional reform. In a new 40 page Briefing, the Constitution Unit has worked out a detailed checklist of the options facing the new Prime Minister if he wants to deliver a new constitutional settlement, in terms of process, machinery and substantive policies. 
The Briefing is divided into two parts.  The first part is about the overall framework for delivering the constitutional reform programme, in terms of deciding on the objectives, the narrative, the machinery inside and outside government, and the processes to be followed.  The second part is about the individual policies.  Each section concludes with a short summary of what can be done in the first 100 days, what can be done in the next two years, and what needs to wait for the next Parliament. 
The Briefing is 40 pages and the chapter headings are as follows:
Part 1  The Framework 
1 Introduction
2 Principles underlying a new Constitutional Settlement
3 A Written Constitution, or a New Constitutional Settlement?
4 Delivering Constitutional Reform outside Government
5 Strengthening Whitehall to plan and deliver constitutional reform.
Part 2  The Policies 
6 Conduct of the Executive
7 Parliamentary Reform
8 Devolution
9 Electoral Reform and Funding of Political Parties
10 British Bill of Rights
11 Judiciary and the Courts
12 Freedom of Information.

The full briefing is available to download at