Should the United Kingdom Stay in a Extreme Right-Wing Europe ?

by Brian Risman, Publisher, www thelawjournal co uk - 17 May 2002

The deceased Pym Fortuyn, who received a funeral akin to that for a head of state or a deity, came second in the Dutch elections this week. His party is likely to join in a coalition as a rather major 'junior' partner with the Christian Democrats. The Social Democratic government, in accordance with the tide sweeping Europe, will be replaced by right to extreme-right wing government.

The reasons for the extreme right-wing surge across Europe are clear -- mainstream political elites that are more interested in rubbing shoulders in Brussels with the dictatorial bureaucrats than dealing with crime, asylum seekers sent by international organised crime gangs in order to do their dirty dealings, courts and police that cannot seem to convict anyone other than golf ball pond divers. The United Kingdom is no better. People feel helpless against the rising tide of crime sponsored by these international gangs -- how fast are stolen cars and lorries spirited out of the country? The media care for 5 minutes, then go back to the important news -- how the English World Cup football coach, his two girlfriends (and his wife and children) are carrying on their lives!

In the recent U.K. local elections, the warning sign was clear -- the extreme right-wing British National Party won three seats in Burnley, an area that experienced race riots last year. Now the reality is that the BNP are hardly poised to threaten on a national basis. Why are the BNP not a threat, when we are seeing a different reality just across the Channel and indeed throughout the Continent?

The reasons are quite clear. The United Kingdom is a country with deep democratic traditions. Europe does not have these traditions. That is what has made the United Kingdom strong. The United Kingdom grew strong on a liberal commercial law system that encouraged international trade to be routed through London - right to this very day. Europe has laboured under oppressive legal regimes that has prevented any international commercial development.

If we stay with Europe, we will be dragged into the European swamp. I, for one, do not feel comfortable having Le Pen and his cohorts sitting in a European Parliament deciding my future. On an economic basis, Europe attempts to liberalise its economic policies to emulate the success of America -- and Tony Baloney, ignoring the fact the U.K. already has a liberal commercial law regime, nods and agrees with the extreme right-wing Italian Prime Minister!

Europe did not make the United Kingdom great -- the United Kingdom became great, and remains a power in the world, due to the strength of its institutions, its legal system, and of course its people. Now that is not to say there are not problems -- but the leader of the French National Front, the Dutch Pym Fortuyn party, and the Italian Prime Minister are not going to solve them. In fact, the rest of Europe has a problem with the strength and the alliances of the United Kingdom -- witness the august European pronouncements insisting that the U.K. forgo their historic alliance with the United States and adopt European foreign policies.

Which brings up the Euro, or as I prefer to call it, the extreme right-wing Peso. The Pound Sterling is historic and it is strong. To surrender to the Euro would subject the U.K. to economic and commercial policies that kill commerce and would destroy the U.K's advantage in the world. To surrender to the Euro would subject the U.K. to extreme right-wing ruled and influenced governments across Europe.

No to extreme right-wing Europe. No to destructive commercial policies. No to the Euro.

Yes to a strong, independent, democratic, and commercially successful United Kingdom.

Brian Risman

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