Margaret Thatcher

by Brian Risman, Publisher, www thelawjournal co uk - March 26, 2002

An era came to an end this week. An era which not only affected the UK, but indeed the entire world.

Margaret Thatcher, as a result of health problems, will no longer make public speeches. However, there is still the possibility of written statements/ articles/ books from the Baroness.

No matter where you stand politically, Margaret Thatcher was an oxymoron -- a politician that said what she felt, told the truth as she saw it, and never sugar-coated her feelings. You knew where she stood on an issue, be it large or small.

Lady Thatcher was an enigma. The world, her country would be moving in one direction. No matter. The Iron Lady simply turned the ship 180 degrees. With no apologies.

However, that is not the total essence of the woman. Mrs. Thatcher loved her family, her people, and it showed.

Most of all, Margaret Thatcher, whether as Prime Minister, Conservative Leader, or as a Peer, was first and foremost a leader with presence. A leader that you could love or hate -- but you could not help but respect.

We have so little of that type of leadership today. Maybe all of us should take a lesson from the life -- and may she live long and continue in writing to state her mind -- of Mrs. Thatcher on how to lead for the good of all.