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Society of Legal Scholars Membership Announcement

Wider membership criteria and a new name for The Society of Public Teachers of Law - many thanks to the Society of Legal Scholars for this press release. If any of our readers have press releases or announcements, please contact Brian Risman to arrange publication.


October 8th 2002.   Legal practitioners involved in scholarship and postgraduate researchers in law schools are now eligible to join the Society of Legal Scholars, formerly the Society of Public Teachers of Law (founded in 1908), following the Society’s annual conference last month. Membership had previously been restricted to teachers of law at degree level and beyond in the UK and Ireland.


Commenting on the change, the Society’s Honorary Secretary, Professor Nick Wikeley said: “Over the last 20 to 30 years, the Society’s work has grown to encompass a wide range of activities relating to legal scholarship. We want to reflect this development in our name and official remit.”


The Society, whose object is the advancement of legal education and scholarship in the UK and Ireland, will retain its keen interest in legal education and the interests of academic lawyers.

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For further information, please contact:

Professor Nick Wikeley

Honorary Secretary

The Society of Legal Scholars in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Faculty of Law

University of Southampton

SO17 1BJ


Tel: 023 8059 3416



Notes to Editors



-         Ordinary membership is now available to those regularly involved in legal scholarship as well as teachers of law at and above degree level. There are currently 1,890 ordinary members.

-         24 emeritus members continue their interest in legal scholarship beyond retirement.

-         338 associate members of whom 163 are in overseas law schools, largely in common law jurisdictions

-         There are 37 honorary members, the majority of whom are members of the judiciary.

-         The society is supported by 40 professional firms, organisations and legal publishers.



-         A network of 25 subject sections

-         Annual conference

-         Publication of Legal Studies

-         Financial support for its Annual Seminar Series, attracting leading scholars on specialist subjects from home and abroad

-         Provides grants through its Academic Purpose Fund to assist members to undertake research or other scholarly activity

-         Rewards scholarship through its annual Book Prize for outstanding work by young scholars


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